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Take the first step towards realizing your cricketing dreams.

Lifelong Cricketing Journey

When kids pick up a bat and ball, we want them to know that they can follow their dreams. Our commitment is to do everything in our power to support them on this journey and make their dreams a reality.

Join the South Africa Cricket Academy and embark on a transformative cricketing journey that will shape your skills, character, and future in the game. Take the first step towards realizing your cricketing dreams.

As well as ensuring the game is fun, inclusive and accessible to play, we are also dedicated to helping players from all backgrounds to reach their full potential, and in doing so continue the legacy of great players who have themselves inspired the next generation.

Lifelong Cricketing Journey: Our academy aims to instill a love for the game that lasts a lifetime. Beyond the training programs, we provide ongoing support, guidance, and resources to our alumni, nurturing their cricketing journey even after they leave the academy. We take pride in being a part of their success stories.

To do this it is important to create a clear pathway from our entry-level programs to representative competitions right through to the national teams. While not everyone can represent South Africa, players should know that if they have the passion, dedication, and commitment, there is a clear passage from the backyard to the Proteas.

Pathway to Success: For aspiring cricketers with ambitions to play at higher levels, our academy offers a clear pathway to success. We provide guidance on talent identification, player profiling, and exposure to talent scouts and selectors. Our track record speaks for itself, with several of our graduates going on to represent regional, national, and international teams.

The principles of the Pathway are:

  1. The focus is on enhancing players’ enjoyment and retention by:
    • Encouraging players to compete at their skill level (age is indicative only)
    • Graduated player numbers to increase activity levels for all players by providing more space on the field and game opportunities
    • Graduated complexity of match formats to support skill development
    • Providing options of game duration to suit players and families.
  2. Consistent formats are aligned with the Cricket South Africa Pathway competency framework.
  3. Representative cricket is designed to stretch the best players. This includes Regional, Provincial, and National.

A Maungwa


Little Tots

Ball skill and indroduction level, beginners.


Mini Cricket

Beginners mini cricket games, mini tours and introdution to cricket.


Women and girls

creating opportunities for girls to engage with cricket at a young age.



Players looking to improve their skills and take their game to the next level.



International Exchanges and Tours:

As part of our commitment to broadening horizons, we organize international exchanges and tours, giving our students the opportunity to experience different cricketing cultures and compete against top-level teams from around the world. These experiences not only enhance their cricketing skills but also foster cultural understanding and global connections.

Holistic Approach:

We recognize that cricket is not just about physical skills but also encompasses mental strength, discipline, and teamwork. Our academy adopts a holistic approach to player development, focusing on character-building, sportsmanship, and fostering a positive and supportive team culture.

Competitive Exposure:

We believe in preparing our students for the rigors of competitive cricket. Our academy provides ample opportunities for match practice, friendly fixtures, and participation in local and national tournaments. This exposure allows our students to showcase their talents and gain valuable experience on the field.

Individualized Player Development:

We understand that every player has unique strengths and areas for improvement. Our academy emphasizes individualized player development, tailoring our coaching programs to meet the specific needs of each student. Through personalized attention, we aim to unlock their full cricketing potential.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch training facilities that create an ideal environment for learning and growth. Our well-maintained pitches, modern training equipment, and spacious indoor nets ensure that our students have the best resources to sharpen their skills.

Expert Coaching Staff:

Our academy is staffed with highly qualified and experienced coaches who have played at the highest levels of the game. They bring their invaluable expertise and knowledge to guide and mentor our students, helping them reach their full potential.

Elite Cricket Training:

Our academy offers world-class cricket training programs designed to develop and enhance the skills of aspiring cricketers. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of the game, including batting, bowling, fielding, and tactical strategies.

We provide comprehensive training that includes fitness conditioning, skill enhancement, mental resilience, and character building.
A Maungwa- Holistic Development
We strive for excellence in all aspects of cricket. We aim to identify, train, and develop talented cricketers with the potential to succeed at the highest level.
A Maungwa- Excellence in Cricket
We believe in the holistic development of cricketers. Our academy places equal emphasis on the physical, technical, mental, and emotional aspects of the game.
A Maungwa- Holistic Development


World-class cricket training programs

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