Annual Easter India Tour

Unlocking the Future of Cricket Stars!

We are excited to present an incredible opportunity for your aspiring cricket stars. The South Africa Cricket Academy is embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to India, the heart of cricket, to hone their skills, build character, and create unforgettable memories. This tour promises to be an enriching experience for your child’s cricket career, packed with numerous benefits and opportunities.

Tour Highlights:

Hosted by Omtex Cricket Institute, India: Our tour will be hosted by the renowned Omtex Cricket Institute, which boasts a rich cricketing heritage and world-class facilities. This is a chance for our young talents to learn from the very best in the business.

7-Day Package:

Unlocking the Future of Cricket Stars!

Tailored for All Age Groups: Under 9, 11, 13, and 19. Whether your child is just starting or already on their way to stardom, this tour is designed to fit their needs.

22 March traveling to Mumbai India

Tour dates: 23 March to 29 March 7 day tour

30th of Mach back from Mumbai India

  • 4 Days Dedicated to Matches: Your child will have the opportunity to compete with talented peers, enhancing their match skills and cricketing knowledge.
  • 3 Days of Training at Omtex Cricket Institute: Our players will receive focused training under expert coaches. The extensive training regimen includes an Indoor Training Arena, specialized IPL Coaches, and access to a Bowling Machine.
  • Full Gymnasium Access: Physical fitness is a vital part of cricket. We provide access to a gymnasium to ensure our players stay in top shape.
  • Laundry Service: To keep your child’s cricket gear fresh, we offer up to 5 pieces of laundry per day per player.
  • Evening Master Class: Our meeting room hosts evening masterclasses where your child can gain valuable insights from cricketing legends.
  • Nutritious Meals: We provide four wholesome meals per day, including Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, and Dinner, keeping our players energized throughout the tour.
  • Comfortable Accommodation: Players will stay in A/C Bunk Beds, while officials will enjoy A/C apartments, ensuring a comfortable and restful stay.

Instagram Link to Omtex Cricket Institute, India: Omtex Cricket Institute

Why This Tour Matters:

  1. Skill Enhancement: Your child will receive top-notch coaching, significantly improving their cricketing skills.
  2. International Exposure: Competing with players from another cricketing powerhouse – India, will provide invaluable international exposure.
  3. Fitness and Conditioning: Access to gym facilities and nutritious meals will keep our players at the peak of their fitness.
  4. Networking Opportunities: The tour offers a unique chance to make connections with cricket enthusiasts and experts.

Confirm Your Child’s Spot Now: Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Secure your child’s spot for the Easter 2023 India tour with the South Africa Cricket Academy. Let’s take their cricketing journey to the next level!

For inquiries and registrations, please contact us at 060 9000625 or via email at You can also visit our website at for more details.

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