Cricket birthday parties

Kids' cricket birthday parties are a fun and active way to celebrate a child's special day.
  1. Cricket games: Plan a variety of cricket games suitable for kids. Some ideas include:
    • Cricket match: Organize a friendly cricket match where kids can play in teams and take turns batting and bowling.
    • Batting practice: Set up a batting net or target and let the kids practice their batting skills.
    • Bowling competition: Arrange a bowling competition to see who can hit the stumps or target the most accurately.
    • Catching drills: Teach the kids catching techniques and organize catching drills to improve their fielding skills.



Type of Birthday Party Pax Cost
1 Pitch & 1 Co-Ordinators 01-20 R3000*
2 Pitch & 2 Co-Ordinators 21-30 R3850*
3 Pitch & 3 Co-Ordinators 31-40 R4700*
  • Parties are set for 3 Hours
  • Coach fees R350 per coach per hour.

Cricket-filled extravaganza

Celebrate your child's special day in a fun and active way with South Africa Cricket Academy Kids' Cricket Birthday Parties!

Get ready for a cricket-filled extravaganza that will make your child’s birthday unforgettable. Our experienced coaches are here to provide an exciting lineup of cricket games and activities that will keep the kids engaged and entertained throughout the party.

Cricket Games Galore: We’ve got a range of cricket games specially designed for kids to enjoy. Our coaches will lead the way and ensure everyone has a blast. Here are some of the games you can expect:

  1. Cricket Match: Let the kids experience the thrill of a friendly cricket match. They’ll form teams, take turns batting, and showcase their bowling skills. It’s the perfect opportunity for some healthy competition and team spirit.

  2. Batting Practice: Set up a batting net or target and let the kids unleash their batting prowess. With our coaches’ guidance, they’ll learn the right techniques and have a chance to show off their batting skills.

  3. Bowling Competition: Get ready for some fast-paced bowling action! We’ll organize a bowling competition where the kids can aim for the stumps or hit specific targets. Who will be crowned the bowling champion?

  4. Catching Drills: Fielding is just as important as batting and bowling. Our coaches will teach the kids essential catching techniques and organize catching drills to improve their fielding skills. They’ll be diving and leaping to catch those flying balls!

More Than Just Cricket: We understand that variety adds excitement to any party. That’s why we offer additional activities to keep the fun going. While the kids are enjoying the cricket games, parents can sit back, relax, and watch their little superstars shine. Our coaches will take care of the day, ensuring every child has a fantastic time.

Easy and Stress-Free: Planning your child’s birthday party should be a joy, not a hassle. With South Africa Cricket Academy, we make it easy for you. We provide the venue, the equipment, and the expert coaches to ensure a seamless and memorable celebration. All you need to do is bring the cake, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Book Your Kid’s Cricket Birthday Party Today: Ready to give your child a cricket-themed birthday party they’ll always remember? Contact us today to book your spot and discuss all the exciting details. Limited availability, so don’t delay!

South Africa Cricket Academy is committed to providing a fun and active environment where kids can celebrate their special day, make lasting memories, and develop a love for the game of cricket. Join us for a cricket birthday party like no other!

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