We offer a range of cricket coaching for playes of various age groups through daily and weekly sessions, along with special coaching during school holidays.

Our exhaustive cricket curriculum aims to develop every aspect of the game, build on existing talent, and create future cricketing stars.

Our Techniques

Our cricketing skill development & training programs use cricket cards, encapsulated modules, strength area development planners, to provide an innovative, creative, yet, measurable learning environment, and equal opportunities for players to derive the most from their abilities on-field.

All-round development

Our players receive extensive coaching and training sessions to develop every aspect of the game – starting from increasing fitness level through strength and conditioning training to perfecting skills and expertise areas through group and one-on-one coaching sessions. Our regular morning and afternoon sessions, along with evening sessions under

Age group:

3-7 years

The course aims to provide a basic introduction to the game of cricket, focusing on developing movement and skills needed for becoming a cricketer. Along with developing skills such as running, jumping, hand-eye co-ordination, catching, throwing and hitting, social skills such as listening, concentration and observation are also harnessed… Sign Up

7-10 years

The course highlights on helping budding cricketers develop their skill sets in every aspects of the game through focused coaching sessions. While chiseling basic cricketing skills such as bowling, batting, throwing, hand-eye co-ordination, running and catching are a mandatory part of the course, the students are also given training through net practice, ground fielding etc… Sign Up

10-13 years

The course focuses on developing the all-round cricketing skills of the youngsters with the help of extensive coaching sessions. The tailored course aids students to gain expertise in catching, throwing, bowling, along with practicing at the net and with batting-bowling machine… Sign Up

13-17 years & Over

The course intends to fine-tune the cricketing skills of the students with group as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. The students are also provided with the option of playing club tournaments and representing the academy through various tours.

Expert advice

We hold regular visits and talks by cricket experts and players, who share their fitness mantra and success stories, provide technical knowledge in bowling, batting and fielding, while, motivating the young minds to achieve their dreams.

Feedback mechanism

We track the growth of each student through daily match analytics, brainstorm and implement future course of action for player development with coaches, and provide regular feedback to parents.

Academy Overview

  • Provides holistic development programs for aspiring cricketers of various age groups
  • Focuses on physical development through various international and standard sporting facilities.
  • Nurtures mental strength and wellness through guided supervision by experts
  • Analyses skills and talents of players through regular match analysis and other techniques
  • Provides opportunity to interact and play matches with national and international level players
  • Provides quality cricket expertise and innovative coaching by former profssional players.
  • Offers residential cricket coaching courses at some of our cetrers.

Video Analysis

we manage & analyze our students’ performance through a video-based online mentoring platform

Psychology Effect

Mental strength is as important as physical ability in Cricket. Our team of psychologists ensures holistic development of our students & even advices our coaches

Academy Events

Stay connected with the latest happenings at the Academy. We celebrate Cricket every day.

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