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Message from Amos Maungwa, Director of National Youth Development at the South Africa Cricket Academy:

Cricket has the power to transcend boundaries and unite young individuals from diverse backgrounds. At the South Africa Cricket Academy, we strongly believe in the transformative potential of the sport to positively impact the lives of our youth. That’s why we are dedicated to providing quality coaching and training methodologies at the grassroots level, nurturing the next generation of cricket talent.

We have made significant investments in the training, resources, and performance management of our coaches to create a professional environment and deliver exceptional sessions for participants. Our goal is to offer an exclusive cricket pathway that integrates a comprehensive development program, complete with a well-defined and progressive roadmap. Alongside mentorship, we strive to ensure that a child’s cricket development evolves alongside their academic growth.

Our coaching sessions go beyond skill development, incorporating game scenarios and problem-solving situations. This fosters an environment where participants can learn, grow, and accelerate their cricket abilities. Additionally, our Cricket Education Program places a strong emphasis on leadership skills, teamwork, cooperation, and the pursuit of excellence. We reinforce this focus through innovative, age-relevant, and modern match formats that prepare players for game-time and enhance their playing performance.

Within a year, our junior players aged between 9-13 years will have played a minimum of 100 games, ensuring ample opportunities for practical application and learning. Cricket tours are also an integral part of our program, providing an immersive game-time experience and the chance to develop skills in a variety of settings.

Through my experiences, I have come to understand that to create better cricketers, we must push the boundaries of traditional approaches to youth development and coaching. At the South Africa Cricket Academy, we are committed to going beyond the norm, providing a platform for young cricketers to thrive and excel.

Join us on this remarkable journey of cricket development and transformation.

Amos Maungwa Director of National Youth Development South Africa Cricket Academy

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