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Company profile Academy Focus Groups

  1. Primary School (U/8-U/13):
  • The main focus of the Academy is on younger boys and girls in primary school.
  • The programs aim to provide support and contribute to junior cricket development.
  • An ability-based pathway will be implemented to foster skill development and player progression.
  • The primary focus is to create a fun and enjoyable cricket experience for young players.
  1. Beginners (U/4 – U/7):
  • The Academy is piloting a training program specifically designed for beginner players.
  • The program includes coaching seminars for parents and coaches, weekly training sessions, and weekly games.
  • The emphasis is on introducing young children to cricket and providing a positive and supportive learning environment.
  1. High School (U/13-U/15):
  • A challenge identified is the lack of competitive cricket opportunities for older learners.
  • The Academy aims to integrate high school players into competitive club cricket.
  • This transition allows players to further develop their skills and compete in a more challenging cricket environment.
  1. Club Cricket (16+):
  • Coaching at the club level is primarily accessible to players who are part of the 1st and 2nd team.
  • The Academy emphasizes coaching and encourages players to participate in the club league.
  • This provides more serious players with the opportunity to play competitive cricket, gain valuable experience, and extend their playing season.

Overall, the Academy focuses on various age groups, from primary school to high school and beyond, aiming to provide appropriate coaching, skill development, and competitive opportunities for players at each stage of their cricket journey.
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