6-day Masterclass private coaching program

6-day Masterclass private coaching program we will design the schedule to provide intensive training and development for individual players. Our sessions last between 2 to 3 hours, morning session or afternoon session, best on availability.

Here’s a sample outline for such a program:

Day 1: Assessment and Skill Analysis

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the player’s current skill level, strengths, and areas for improvement.
  • Analyze the player’s batting, bowling, and fielding techniques through video analysis and observation.
  • Identify specific areas of focus for the rest of the program.

Day 2: Batting Techniques and Drills

  • Work on the player’s batting technique, including grip, stance, footwork, and shot selection.
  • Introduce drills and exercises to improve shot execution, timing, and power.
  • Practice against different types of bowling, focusing on playing both pace and spin.

Day 3: Bowling Techniques and Strategies

  • Analyze the player’s bowling action and technique, including run-up, delivery stride, and release.
  • Work on refining the player’s bowling action to improve accuracy, pace, and movement.
  • Introduce variations, such as swing, spin, or pace variations, depending on the player’s style.
  • Discuss strategies for different game situations and develop a repertoire of bowling tactics.

Day 4: Fielding and Agility Training

  • Focus on improving the player’s fielding skills, including catching, throwing, and agility.
  • Conduct drills to enhance reflexes, speed, and agility required for fielding.
  • Practice different fielding positions and scenarios, such as slip catching, outfield catching, and boundary fielding.

Day 5: Match Simulation and Tactical Awareness / Match Practice and Review

  • Simulate match scenarios to develop decision-making skills and tactical awareness.
  • Discuss batting strategies, running between the wickets, and building partnerships.
  • Analyze game situations and teach the player to adapt their approach accordingly.
  • Provide insights on field placements, captaincy, and game awareness.

Day 6: Mental Conditioning and Review / Match Practice and Review

  • Focus on mental conditioning and strengthening the player’s mindset.
  • Teach techniques for managing pressure, building confidence, and maintaining focus.
  • Review the player’s progress throughout the program and provide feedback.
  • Create a personalized development plan with specific goals for the player to work on after the coaching program.

It’s important to note that the specific focus areas and activities within the coaching program and can be customized based on the player’s skill level, requirements, and goals. Additionally. Our coach and or trainer will oversee the program and provide guidance is crucial for effective development.


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